Every child or teen that comes to Blue Moose Acres gets an individualized program. Because everyone is different, their activity should be as well. Whether parents are looking for an activity that will help with anxiety or depression in their child, an activity for a special needs child, or even some life coaching, I will make an individualized program to accomplish the goals you set.

I use a number of activities with each client depending on their preference. Some kids love the cats or chickens around the farm, some kids love to paint or hang out and talk by a campfire. Others love interacting with the horses. There are always a lot of options to choose from to accomplish the goal set by the family.

We also offer Day Camp programs on School PA Days (LKDSB) and occasional Saturdays, and 3-day overnight camps in the summer. Click here for details


Horses have an incredible ability to touch a human's life deep within, revealing areas that might need attention. I facilitate the communication between the adult and the horse that can bring about needed change, healing or life direction.  

As always, each client receives an individualized program, centred on the client's goals: Self-confidence, conflict coaching, mental health problems, or even decision making.


Whether you are looking for a unique date experience or a relationship enrichment or a combination of both, we have a program for you. Enjoy lunch by a campfire, some time with the horses, a walk around the farm, even collect some farm fresh eggs to take home with you.  We hope it will be an enjoyable experience that can be shared by the two of you.

Lunch options vary. See Pricing for details.