• wendygourley

Grounded in the Snow

When I have an appointment with a client, I always take at least 10 minutes to get myself grounded before they arrive. Forget anything that has taken place at home, put aside any thoughts of "after work I need to..."; just be present. Take a deep breath, relax my shoulders and stomach, and be present. And say a prayer for my client. "Let healing happen here".

Usually, I'm sitting in my car for this. But yesterday, the sun was so warm and I thought I would go out into the pasture and spend some time with the horses. Getting grounded. Since we've had so much snow lately, I plunked myself into the snow and just relaxed watching Annie and her best bud Echo, eating. An amazing thing happened. They walked over to me so gently, nuzzling me, Echo breathing in my face (a sign of acceptance). I enjoyed it for a few minutes by myself and then thought I'd record it to show you.

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